Riverside Preschool is a non-profit, community-based preschool which is partially NSW State funded.  Riverside Preschool aims to keep our daily fees affordable and accessible to all families. Our daily fees meet our monthly expenses with not a lot left over for refurbishments or renovations.

This means that fundraising is an important and essential part of Riverside Preschool. Being a community based school, it is necessary for Riverside Preschool to fundraise in order to be able to update the schools facilities and enhance the learning environment of our children.

Fundraising helps keep the fees affordable and provides an environment that will not only benefit our children in 2019 but all children attending the preschool well into the future.

Events and Fundraisers are a great way to meet other families within the Preschool, they assist us in meeting our fundraising goals and they tend to give people a sense of giving back to the Preschool, which does so much for our children. It would be lovely to see every family volunteer for at least one event as well as one working bee.  


2019 Fundraising Goal $11,000

FUNDRAISING GOAL 2019  $11,000

Last year's Committee and Social Convenor, Jenny Kendrick aimed to fundraise $10k and achieved an amazing $11k

One of my favourite quotes is : “To stand on the shoulders of giants”

We see more and farther than our predecessors, not because we have keener vision or greater height, but because we are lifted up by the knowledge, experience and hard work of our predecessors.  Jenny Kendrick and the 2018 Committee did an amazing job in raising $11k. It would only be fitting, to ensure that this years Committee aims to raise a similar amount.

Our Goal for 2019 is $11, 000

More fundraising details to follow.

Please find the fundraising details are below for making a contribution to our fundraising goal.  Contribution can be done via EFT, Cheque or PayPal. Please state your child's family name as reference:

Riverside Preschool Inc.
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 062-182
Account Number: 10066018

Contribution via Paypal