“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
O Fred Donaldson

At Riverside, we believe children learn best through play.  The foundation of our program is the Early Years Learning Framework (‘EYLF’), which describes the principles, practices and learning outcomes essential to supporting and enhancing young children’s learning.. 

We offer an engaging, play-based curriculum where children are free to explore, discover and guide their own learning in a supportive environment.  Our educators encourage and support children in their development by challenging their thinking and understandings, by providing stimulating learning environments based on their strengths, interests and abilities and by offering them realistic choices.  We enhance children’s sense of identity and confidence as we foster their independence and respect their individual learning styles.

The EYLF framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning and provides the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.  As early childhood educators, we aim to support children in achieving the learning outcomes by following the principles, practices and learning outcomes of the EYLF.


  • Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships
  • Partnerships
  • High expectations and equity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Ongoing learning and reflective practice


  • Holistic approaches
  • Responsiveness to children
  • Learning through play
  • Intentional teaching
  • Learning environments
  • Cultural competence
  • Continuity of learning and transitions

Learning outcomes

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicator